More gemini work today.

Ok, so I did a bunch of work on the gem today - wired up a couple of the sensors, worked out what I needed to do to with respect to the others. I ran the preliminary line for the rear fuel pump, and seem to have worked out what I need to do to mount it and so forth. Some of the interior’s back together, making it look a little more respectable.

The main things to do are:

  1. Get the surge tank made and fit it
  2. Install the high pressure fuel system (waiting on surge tank)
  3. Install the low pressure fuel system (waiting on low pressure pump)
  4. Have someone weld the O2 sensor bung to my extractors
  5. Work out the intake piping (probably going to use a small box from another car sourced from a wrecker)
  6. Finish mounting the exhaust (isn’t hooked up at the back)
  7. Bolt the driveshaft in
  8. Get the studs to mount the intake manifold and mount it
  9. Final check on electronics and mechanicals.
  10. Hit the go button!

And then there will be much partying. (if it all works)

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