Figgered it out, scums.

Well, I couldn’t find my carter fuel pump… thought I’d put it somewhere strange in my room, or in the workshop somewhere. Today I looked through my room, and Bob and I went through EVERYTHING in the workshop and couldn’t find it. Thinking that I had put it somewhere perilous and it’d fallen into the depths of a crap-o-lanche, I decided to clean my room tonight.

So, on went my merry day, getting more bits for the gemini, and doing lots of stuff - working out the standard wiring loom and what we can probably take out, making and installing a new positive wire, negative wire etc. Installed all the fuses and stuff, then plugged the positive onto the battery, and it lit up! Hooray! *dances*

Ok, so when you turn on the hazards extra lights flash on the dash, and the fan blows, and the tail lights will need looking at, but it’s minor stuff at this stage. So, finishing that I looked for more things to do. I knew the clutch cable wasn’t in exactly the right position, and it was buggery tight, so we looked at that.

It seems that it was well and truly beyond buggery tight (probably since the engine was in the right spot now) so we tried and we tried, then I put on some safety goggles and cut it in half. Problem solvered! I’d already bought a replacement one from Rare Spares a few months back in the giant buying spree, so that was all good. Five minutes and the new cable was in, and about half an hour of finding bolts and bits and the bracket was in. All good.

So that was done, and as I was cleaning up, I noticed the sender off one of the two oil pressure gauges was sitting on top of the shelf. I thought I’d grab it and see if I could find the right fitting to make it into a fuel pressure gauge for when the car was setup. Then I noticed that it was sitting by itself on the shelf. Previously there was two oil pressure gauges, a 7″ incar LCD television, AND MY CARTER GOLD FUEL PUMP!

It came flooding back to me, remembering that I wasn’t going to take the TV to positronic, and that I’d put the fuel pump up there because it was up with all the other fuel and electronics gear. Seems that the whole shelf full of stuff has gone missing, some absolute prick has stolen it off me.

That solved the mystery of the missing fuel pump, but it also means that due to the fact that Christmas is so damn close, and money’s so tight, I’m not likely to be able to get the car running until well into the new year. *sigh* more setbacks.

So, with all that we decided to go home and get some food. I went out first and opened the boot of my Dad’s car (which I was driving since the radiator thing yesterday) so I could throw the gauge sender in there so I wouldn’t lose it. In a moment of non-thinkingness as I tend to have, I threw the keys in and slammed the boot.

It didn’t occur to me until Bob walked around the corner and I thought about going to unlock the car that I was holding a round smooth object (the sender) rather than a bunch of pointy keys. It was at THAT point it did, and I burst out laughing, completely losing it in a fit of real laughter. Making a long story short, we got a coathanger and messed with it for ages, then Bob thought about using his keys as a joke, and it opened the boot and the driver’s door. Hooray.

Oh, and we got the Positronic 2005 pictures from Mitchell’s camera. I’ll resize and rename them later and upload them. For now, back to Project Entropia.