Bored police!

Geez, I think last night makes about six times in twelve months I’ve been picked up in the PimpMobile. Driving out of Lauren’s house last night, down the hill towards the t-intersection at the bottom, a police car drives past. I stop at the bottom, making sure to look around because the van runs like crap when it’s cold, and that corner’s a bit hard to see past.

Looking to where the police car went, I notice that it’s stopped across the road and down a bit - funnily enough, half out in the road, and across a laneway - nice and illegal, officers. I move on, making my merry way home. Looking in the rearview mirror, I notice - not surprised at all - that they have done a quick U-turn and are buried up my tail.

Taking note of my previous instruction to make sure I indicate, I do so, slowing from my already-miniscule speed just enough so that I don’t stall it around the corner. It’s at this point - as soon as I hit the brakes - as usual, that they turn on the flashers and I stop.

Passing over my license, as usual, I’m asked where I’m coming from tonight. “I just finished work” was the response. He takes interest in the back of my van, having a look in the back with his torch and looking at me questionably. I point out that I work in a call center, which is true - and he’s satisfied. I get the fact that having an expired registration sticker stuck to a spare window is something a “really bad traffic officer” would pick me up on and give me an $80 fine.

I’m told that this is a random breath test, could I please blow into the tube, and I do. As to be expected, I blow clear - not that he would tell me - but I hear the beep that I know beep that I know all too well is the all clear. He wanders off to speak with his fellow officer, and they do a lap of the car - here I go, canary for me I think - but no, they just look at something on the side, and look around in the passenger side with the torches again.

Off they wander, and as usual, I’m waiting for them to do their bit on the computer - I think that if I was to get rich, I’d pay to upgrade their computers and link technology so they don’t make me wait all the time. Finally, I get my license back and I’m off - no have a good night, no “no worries” or anything like that. How rude! Bored cops shit me, picking me up because they like my van and hope to see something cool. It happens too often, and I’m sure it’ll only get worse when the gemini is on the road *sigh*

#Gemini #The Pimpmobile