Beautiful weekend.

So, it’s the end of the school year, and all the little school leavers are going off to party and so forth - my sister being one of them. I needed a weekend away, and my good mate Brian was going with them (as one of my sister’s friends is his girlfriend) so I decided to tag along.

The eleven of them are staying in a house down at South Golden Beach (I think I have the name right) - a little village community on the NSW North Coast that has a total population in the really small range. There’s some really beautiful beach, a couple of hundred houses, and that’s about it. Ocean Shores has a small corner store come post office come bottle shop, and we stocked up there on Saturday afternoon, and that was it.

Driving down was fun, Brian in his car, Kirsty in her little BMW, and me in my car - trying desperately to keep up, since I can’t barrel down the highway at 110+ km/h. As usual, I brought my laptop to pick up what wireless access points I could, and this time I had my GPS hooked up for a little extra fun.

I drove about 430km from Saturday morning until Monday night including going to work and so forth, and the PimpMobile didn’t skip a beat, only needing some more oil half way down on the Saturday because we were going too fast. I spent $65 on petrol for the whole time too, which was great, considering $20 of that was paying 133.8 cents a litre in Byron - and I thought Brisbane prices were bad enough!

The house is beautiful (pictures will be up when Brian gets back) the weather stayed amazing, and for the first time in years I actually swam at the beach - something I have to do more often, as long as it’s in the afternoon/midnight, since I burn too easy, and it’s more fun at night!

Anyway, I’ll probably post more about it later, I’m going to go back to doing other things 🙂

#Adventures #The Pimpmobile