I’ve made a TIO complaint!

Ok, I can’t remember if I’ve said about it here, but I’ve been having problems with one of my ISP’s - they are shitheads. We sent them a cheque, they cashed it on 02/09/05 and are still trying to track the payment so they can remove the debt from their account. We contacted them on 12/09/05 to clear it up, and they sent me to a debt collector at the end of September. Finally I’ve had enough, so I told them early last week that they had until Friday to resolve it and contact me, else I would contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman - basically the government oversight committee on telecommunications. I called them this morning, three days AFTER when I said I would contact the TIO, they screwed me around for a while and said that they were still chasing the payment.

So finally, after giving them two months, I’ve become another one of the thousands of people that makes a complaint to the TIO every year. Mine’s one of the few very valid complaints, and I hope it’s resolved soon. Stupid IHUG/IINET!

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