Ok, so I’m working the night shift this week, 10pm - 6am Tuesday through Saturday. I’ve been wondering what it’d be like to work a week straight of overnights, and I was muttering about it on Saturday night because I’m sick of being a service coach. Monday morning comes around, and I get a call from my supervisor at work - would I like to do a week of overnights? Sure, that’d be fine, says me.

Now, normally I’m a Subway whore - five nights a week, I’m there throwing money at them to get their hearty wholesome foodstuffs. I can’t stand McDonalds or many of the other crappy fast foods that are peddled in the valley, so I go for the only relatively healthy thing I can get. The problem with working nights is, you can’t get Subway at three O’Clock in the morning, since they are closed. About the only thing that’s open at all is either McDonalds (on Friday or Saturday) or something from the Night Owl convenience store.

So taking matters into my own hands, on my first night shift I grabbed a few “Lean Cuisine” meals, and for the ~$5 I paid for the two of them, they were a good filling meal that didn’t make me feel like crap afterwards. Seeing as I’m doing a week full of them, and I needed some other supplies, I went shopping this afternoon - what a haul!

Enough dinners for two a night - since one’s not nearly enough to fill me up, and I have my main meal at “lunch time” (the middle of my shift), some smokes, some magazines to keep me occupied, body wash and tic tacs. Coming into summer, I think I’m going to have to put sunscreen on basically every time I’m out in the sun, so I grabbed some of that too.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling about my shopping expedition, and it’s 3:30, so I’m off to grab some more sleep before work.