The Theatre

I went to the theatre the other night, to see a play based on Terry Pratchett’s novel Interesting Times. I found out about the play through my good friend Denise, as her housemate was playing the part of Twoflower. It was performed in a small theatre called the Brisbane Arts Theatre, on Petrie terrace. A small theatre that has been open on-and-off for thirty years or so, going by what my father remembers, there was enough seating for perhaps one hundred people, and for the final show, there was about 2/3 of the seats filled.

The casting was extremely well done - all amateur players of course - and it was delivered beautifully. I think I’m going to have to see more plays like this, amateur events with small casts and even smaller budgets. The reliance on performance rather than props, and the punter’s imagination is what makes it so fun - and for the $30 I paid (including two drinks, wine or soft and some food) it was well worth it for a night out with friends for some good entertainment.

Movies are alright, but I’ve come to realise that modern movies are just “sit and suck this in” which leaves nothing to the imagination. Books, Theatre, British humour - these are the things that make you think, and tend to be funnier for longer!

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