You could swear it was high school again.

So, as usual, another “goddamn, there’s some stupid people in the world” post. But instead, it’s not the customers, it’s an agent! One, in particular. Ok, so when someone can’t do their job in one company, has terrible people and communication skills - and that company is your client, the obvious thing to do would be to hire that person when the client shuts down the department. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Didn’t think so.

Escalated calls are when customers want to talk to a supervisor. Normally these customers are really quite annoyed, and when someone’s annoyed, rationality tends to fly out the window. Also, so does the ability to listen, or talk with a normal tone or volume of voice. This really makes getting a simple, let alone a complex point across.

Sometimes agents don’t know things - three weeks training basically means we know how to tie our shoes in a job where we need to run a battleship. That comparison sucks - but we need to know a lot - and it’s constantly changing. As a supervisor, it’s my job to answer those questions.

Most people asking a question are open to accept information, and ready to ask more information when needed, or answer questions intended to help resolve the first questions posed. Some, are not. The people that fit into the “some” category are argumentative, unwilling to listen and will challenge anything that you say, even when they are dimwitted fools that wouldn’t know their ass from their elbow.

Well, the REAL dimwitted fools are too stupid to realise, so they just blunder through life. People that are just slightly above them, that’s where one of my favourite agents fit in. Oh, and all the other bitching’s about her too.

So, getting onto the actual story, here’s why I’m SO pissed tonight. If you sign up for a shift, you’re supposed to do it. She somehow ended up on a shift ending at 11pm. Somehow she agreed to this. Agreeing to something normally means you’re willing to do it. But oh no, this fucking wench complained at levels I’ve seen very rarely before. What made it worse was the fact that as soon as I was floor manager, while the bosss-boss went on a break, she started whinging incessantly and saying that she would just leave the floor when she wanted to, which was met with a prompt “if you do, you’re in shit, don’t mess around when I’m in charge.”

Ok, so I wrote this ages ago, and only hit publish now. Gosh darn it, I’m having a whinge, there’s more and I can’t be bothered wasting the time to write it up, so here you go.