People on the internet suck!

So, someone in #overclockers asks if anyone knows about commodores, which I know a little bit about, so I offer to try and answer a question if it’s a simple one… and then it gets weird!

**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Mon Oct 24 23:39:33 2005
[Moyley] Sorta
[Moyley] Want to know about the speedo drive
[yaleman] what about it?
[Moyley] apparently mines leakin
[yaleman] that's seriously bad, I'd say
[Moyley] is it simple to fix.
[Moyley] i presume its just a little gasket sealie thingo
from the back of the tranny
[yaleman] manual or auto?
[Moyley] auto
[Moyley] simple to change?
[yaleman] I'd probably say not...
[Moyley] fuck u.
[yaleman] excuse me?
[Moyley] i dont wanna know shit like that.
[Moyley] tell me good news like its really easy to dix
[Moyley] fix
[yaleman] ok, so you're going to stop talking to me now.
[Moyley] when we dump the tranny oil and change it
[Moyley] no 😛
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Mon Oct 24 23:43:07 2005

Uh, what the FUCK? Someone asks for help, I offer some help, and they insult me! Why do I even bother!

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