Injection and ignition

I got my fuel pressure and oil pressure gauges yesterday, from Lee’s Spare Parts & Performance - a great little place down on Kingston road, near me. I ended up just buying two oil pressure gauges, since that’s all they had, and they were cheap - they are the same gauges anyway, just with different labels 🙂 They are Speco brand 2″ white face gauges, nice and small, and easily readable. They ended up being $59.95 each, which was a steal since they are electrical, and include the sender and all mounting hardware.

Bob and I went to Petroject - actually we got really lost because I didn’t have my refidex or a proper address - made a call or two, and found it. I talked to one of the reps about all the different options and stuff, ended up going with a stock bosch injector, since they are $230 cheaper EACH than replacing the ones I’ve got with the same thing 😛 The rep helped us with a lot of information on our options, and what the effects of each decision would be - upgradability, performance etc. I bought one injector so we can test fit everything, and six connector plugs for the injectors (because I have a bad habit of losing/breaking things) so I can make up the loom.

There’s a couple of different styles of bosch injectors, the old type that I have are expensive and pretty much one-offs. The new bosch layout is a standard-fit injector, meaning you can get anywhere from 30Hp of flow to 1500Hp per injector in the same package without changing your manifold. Since they aren’t the stock injectors for my manifold, I’m going to have to modify things a little. There’s two options - either file down the little plastic cap on the new injector, or get someone to machine the manifold slightly so that the cap will fit, and the O-ring will seal the spray end of the injector like it’s designed to. I’ll also have to get a new fuel rail made up, because the old injectors had hose barbs on them, and the new ones have a design that means they seal into a fuel rail that sits on top of them.

I also bought a new set of basically everything for the ignition side of things on the gem - coil, leads, plugs, points, condensor, rotor and dizzy cap. It’ll mean that I’m still running points-based ignition to start with, but that’s just so I can get used to the EFI, and then an untested ignition system after that 🙂

A slightly expensive day, but one that was VERY productive. Today we’re going to have a look around at a few places to see if we can find the intake air temperature sensor and a throttle position sensor, two things that are a bit elusive at this point.