More gemini updates

The exhaust is in today, and I’ve started some of the wiring. The fuel pump run to the back of the car is done, and so is the battery wiring to the relay box. There’s a short run from the relay case to the fuel pump that’s going in the front of the car, just so I know where things are going. The O2 sensor should work out nicely, the controller for it will sit next to the battery under the wiper motor etc. There’s not much more wiring I can do until I get more sensors, and it seems that the short loom I got with the first injection manifold had the wrong connectors for the injectors I have. It’s got two that’ll suit, but one of them doesn’t have a circlip to hold onto the lugs on the injectors, and the other one’s looks like it’s a little warped from heat or something. That means I’ll have to get onto bosch to find some part numbers of connectors so I can just buy them.

The search is on for a throttle position sensor and an intake air temp sensor - I’ll probably use a temp sender from RS autosports, since they have them nice and cheap, with the wiring already on there etc. From there it’s the fuel system, and the EDIS hookup - I’ll probably buy the EDIS in my next paycheque, as that’s about $200 from the states. eBay’s brought a few nice little surge tanks to my attention, but I passed on one because it was too expensive 🙁

Oh well, out I go to see serenity.