Final Fantasy Advent Children

Ok, so I’ve just finished watching Final Fantasy advent children. First thing - I think it has the thinnest plot in a movie that I’ve seen in a long time. Wow, bad guy gets something he wants, bad stuff happens, then the good guy beats him up and everything goes well! I’m glad this wasn’t actually publicised too much in the media, since it wasn’t much more than a lame fan service. With no development of characters and no explanation of what was going on other than “well, there was this company, and they did some bad stuff, but nature got them back, and screwed over humanity.” After that, if you hadn’t played the game all the way through and knew what had gone on, you were lost. I was, and I had sat through my friends playing it a few times. As far as I can tell, it’s basically an hour and a half of cut scenes taken from what could have been Final Fantasy 7.2, since it was basically x years after FF7, and a bunch of stuff happened! The best part was the fight between Cloud (the good guy) and Sephiroth (guess what, the bad guy!), with the cool-ass 80’s rock backing track, lots of destruction and stuff blowing up. The modelling was great, the voices I couldn’t tell, since they weren’t in English (I’m sure it would have ruined it had they been in english)

Overall, it wasn’t bad if you knew the Final Fantasy 7 world, and there were some hot 3D modelled Asian chicks and a funky rendered world. Well worth watching if you’ve seen all your other anime and gotten really bored one night.

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