Creative PD1100 Webcam Drivers

Ok, so I got this webcam AGES ago, and I had it working for a while - because I had installed the drivers off the CD. It’s a stupid cheap little webcam, it looks like they bought the leftover casings from Intel for their original cheap-and-cheerful webcam (I’ve had an Intel cam that looked exactly the same)

The problem is, it seems to be some sort of limited-release product according to this page. If you search for PD1100 anywhere on the Creative web site, all you’ll find is the reference to it on the “list of webcams” page. Downloading the drivers for a similar model doesn’t work, and none of the drivers I could find (admittedly, I didn’t go through EVERY driver for webcams, because this is such a slow process) would work.

Eventually, on about the tenth page deep of my Google search for the drivers, I found a random “here’s some drivers oor our products” page. I struck gold! On the page was a download link to the drivers I’d been looking for! I had been searching for these drivers (albeit lazily, as it my style) for about a year and a half.

So here, for your enjoyment (just in case they take it down) is the local mirrored copy of the PD1100 Creative Webcam Drivers.

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