One step closer…

Yet another update where nothing really happens. I just got a call from Bryant Engineering updating me on where they were up to with regards to the engine rebuild. The connecting rods are fine, no cracks - though they did have to clean them up a little bit, but nothing major. The crank’s big ends needed to be ground to -0.020" because there was a small radius on one of the journals. Again, nothing major - so that’s wonderful. The block turned out beautifully according to the rep that called me, and if they are saying that, then it must be good. Now all I need to do is wait for them to source bearings and complete the balance, and then I’ll be able to pay for it and pick it up.

One step closer to the build finishing! On the weekend I hope to start playing with wiring and fuel system layout ideas - I should have the money to start buying all the lines etc that I need for that after this pay day.