Pimping shenanigans

So, I was driving home from work with Mitchell and Lauren in tow - and lo and behold, driving out of the valley, I got pulled up! The only reason they could give me a ticket was the fact that I didn’t indicate while I was sitting in the right hand turning lane, waiting for a green arrow. So I had to blow into the little machine, and establish the fact that yes, while I was at work, and while walking from work to the car, I had not gulped down a large amount of alcohol and then decided to break the law. Not only that, but when they spent a good five minutes sitting in their car playing with each other, they couldn’t find anything in their computers about the fact that I killed all those little old ladies at the old folks' home. Apparrently his carputer was broken, I still think it was masturbation - either way, there was some wanking going on that wasted my time. Thanks Queensland Police!

Maybe it’s because I drive a big purple van? No way, that can’t be it - I must look like a drug dealer, driving slowly and carefully.

#The Pimpmobile