Pimpmobile Update

So, there was a weird smell coming from the van when it was warm, which was nearly a clutch smell, nearly a hot brake smell, and nearly a whole lot of things. The weird thing is, it wasn’t coming from the driver for once, it was the car! Seems that the automatic transmission needed a good service, so that’s what we did last night. Full flush of the auto trans fluid and new filter/gaskets was the order of the night, including checking the settings on the bands. After all that, there’s no more smell, and it seems to run a bit better as well. The reason for the smell is the fact that the auto fluid was frothing (don’t ask me why or how, it’s probably something to do with overused/old fluid) and venting through the top - trimatics have a little vent at the top so they can do that.

#The Pimpmobile