Another Engine for the Gemini

Ok, so going by the topic, you’re thinking that either I’ve gone mad, or my hoarding skills have been redirected to another goal. Well, I’m already mad, and a little bit of the second part is coming into play here, but there is method to my madness (no, really! there is!) Basically, I’m spending over two grand on a G180 engine for the gemini - and that’s just the motor, not including fuel system and other stuff.

Pistons, block, all the rest of it - lots of money to go down the drain if it’s not run in properly and looked after from the get-go. So for the princely sum of $100, I sourced myself a “spare” G161 motor, minus accessories. This means that I can put that one in the gemini, put all the EFI and other goodies on it, and then get them working. Then after that, when there is less likelyhood of it running lean/like crap, and I have a base map for the ECU, and spark control etc is working, I can take out the cheap motor and put in my nice shiny new expensive one and not do damage to it while I’m trying to run in the rings, bearings and other assorted things that need to be run in.

See - there is method to my madness, and for $100, I see that as a cheap investment for a better start to my engine.