Ok, so there’s been a lot of changes in the last couple of days in James-world. For one thing, Bryants called me back about the engine - the bores are a little more worn than it was first thought, so I have to use +0.040" pistonsĀ  - which meant an email to GCP to change my order. They seemed fine with it, saying they would change the order, probably have to charge me, but that was fine.

Fuel and injection! I don’t think I mentioned it the other day, but for $180 I picked up another injection manifold for the gemini. This one is a single throttle body setup, instead of a dual-sequential like the other one. I also got a full set of injectors and fuel rail along with it, which was my main reason for buying it. This means that all I need to find is the throttle position sensor to go onto the manifold - I’ve been told that the VL Commodore has one that suits and bolts straight on, I’ll be looking at that in the next little while.

Next! Programming in Python using the pygame module libraries. Now that I’m waiting on more money than hard work as far as the car goes, I’m working on my programming skills with python and pygame. Pygame is a set of modules that allow you to use the Simple Directmeda Layer (SDL) libs in python, which allows for fast graphics programming development. I’m looking at using it for the “digital dash” system as I’ll need a lot of fast-updating 2D graphics (and maybe some

3D stuff if I put some ideas into play.

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