Pistons and gaskets ordered!

So, I stopped procrastinating and ordered my pistons and the gasket set today. Buying them from GimmeCarParts.com.au seems to have saved me a bit - Repco wanted to charge me 300+ for the pistons, where the GCP price was $287.82. This includes Chrome-Moly rings, a higher quality ring that’ll give better sealing and compression. Hopefully I should have them by the end of the week or so, then I can take the pistons and the clutch (which I’ll probably buy tomorrow from repco) to Bryant Engineering so they can do the machining.

Update: I got the usual “we have your order” email within a few minutes, but amazingly - six minutes after that email was sent automatically by their system, I received another email from one of their reps saying “we have your order, the +0.020” pistons will be ordered as you asked” which is quite amazing for an internet-based company. Thanks GimmeCarParts!