Gnome 2.12 preview

Davyd Madeley has completed a preview of Gnome 2.12. I can’t wait for this release to come out - there’s been some great improvements in gnome in the past two versions, but this one looks like it’ll blow them away. A decent-looking pdf viewer including text search and page previews (and integration of it’s services into nautilus) is great to see. Hopefully it’s not just for locking down the menu, but there’s also a Gnome menu editor! I’ve never worked out how to edit menus in Gnome, and it’s something I’ve been looking for since I started using it as a desktop environment. Sure, some people like the default menu layouts, but they drive me nuts!

GTK 2.8’s going to include more and more acceleration through Cairo, which is good to see - finally using my 3D card for something useful (since I don’t play games on this machine much) - and making things look even nicer 🙂

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