Engine away to be machined

So, the parts were taken to Bryant Engineering today. Block, crank, flywheel, rods (with old pistons still attached) and the timing cover (with bolts attached) were all dropped off, ready for them to do the work.

Here’s a list of what’s getting done:

  • Block - hot tanked, crack tested, decked, bored, honed.
  • Crank - hot tanked, crack tested, ground, polished, balanced.
  • Rods - crack tested and checked for straightness and shaped, then shot peened and balanced.
  • Flywheel - machined for flatness and balanced.

I’m going to call them on Monday to see if I can go and check the flywheel for size, to make sure the clutch that I’m planning on buying is the right one - stupid me, I forgot to measure up the flywheel to make sure it’s the right size. I’m going to be sending an email off in the next little while to the guys at gimmecarparts.com.au to see if I can get a price on an ACL rebuild kit, so that when the crank sizing is found, I can order a whole kit and hopefully drop the price a little. That’ll incorporate a full set of gaskets, bearings (big end, rods and cam bearings) and piston assemblies. Assuming the bores aren’t terribly bad, I should be able to get one size over standard and be right, going with chrome moly rings to give a little bit more reliability.