MegaSquirt First Stage

Well, I finished the first stage of the build of the megasquirt yesterday - soldering up the main PCB. I’d finished the relay board the day before, but that was only a minor achievement, since it’s basically a big group of connectors. The megasquirt itself seems to be working fine - tests ok on the PC hookup and so forth. I guess the test will be when I actually get the proper stimulator - the one I made ended up being a piece of junk and not work, so I gave up, because it’s only a few days until the person that has the real stim comes back and we can use that to test the ECU properly. I’m rather proud of myself - it’s a rather complex little pcb, with a LOT of parts to solder on, and for it to work seemingly fine first go is quite an achievement for me. Normally complex things that I make/solder/otherwise have a tendency to blow up. More information soon - I’m going to be pulling the crank out of the engine, and taking the block somewhere to be bored out a little so the piston packages can be sourced, the crank reinstalled with new bearings, and then the engine can be put back together. I’m quite excited!