Megasquirt Arrived!

Finally, I received my package from the United States! Purchasing things over the internet is always a worry, but even more so when it’s ~700USD and you don’t know the people you’re buying from. But never fear, the package arrived! Bought from DIYAutoTune, my two Innovate Motorsports LC-1 Wideband Oxygen sensors, my MegaSquirt Kit and Relay Board kits arrived today, in a big box that had been opened by customs already (stickers saying “ooh, we ruined your fun and had a look inside” included!) I just got home, and pulled all the stuff out - looking at how the pcb’s are laid out, and how everything seems to fit together. I don’t have a soldering iron here or a stimulator (borrowing one off a friend, since it’s basically a while-you’re-building-only sort of thing) so I was just test fitting things that I can (no components, things like the relay board’s big connectors and fuse holders etc) and generally marvelling at what came in the package.

One thing I’m amazingly impressed with is the Innovate Motorsports packages. Not only do you get the sensor and the controller, you get a bung and screw-plug to mount it to your exhaust, you get a serial data cable to plug into your pc, and a full software package for reprogramming and datalogging. I didn’t expect all these little extras, but I’m glad they came! The instructions for the sensor / controller / software are all very well laid out with a lot of information, can’t wait to get it all set up and working on the car to test it all out. Pity that’s going to be a while, because I’m going to have to go through an engineer to get approval for the car to have all the modifications checked and confirmed to be safe and within the Australian Design Rules (ADR’s) of light vehicles. Oh well, at least that wait is over, and now on to bigger and better things!