My first fundie spam!

Well, we in the channel #rice, where some friends and I dwell, have a thing for “fundies.” Fundies are those people that wake us up on weekend mornings, spreading their religious ideals, and generally making a nuisance of themselves. They don’t come around to the street (or at least our house) where my parents live, since such events as me removing their bikes from the poles they were chained to (by lifting them over the top of the 7 foot plus tall pole) and moving them down a block or two. This “thing” that we have isn’t a love for fundies, nor a common interest in their ideals - it’s more a “we know you, we hate you, we have to ridicule you at every turn.” This is probably bred from our dislike for religion, and helped along by such fora as Fark and SomethingAwful. The real reason for this post - as you may have guessed from the topic - is the fact that I got my first spam from a fundie today! Click on the “read more” link to continue on this journey of religious self-discovery! 🙂 This is the full text of the email that I received:

Good Day in the name of Almighty. This message is coming to you from one whom gave his life to Almighty. I am a retired Director General of Ministry of Works and Houses and presently the managing director of Daniel Construction and Estate Developers not until last years I was practically in the world. Due largely to the counseling of my wife and by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I confessed Jesus as my personal Lord and saviour and I became a member God Choosing ministry and the man of God Pastor Ben counseled me for deliverance which I did for a period of tow weeks, for God said in Obadiah 1:17, that upon mountain Zion there will be deliverance, after which holiness and one can posses his possessions that already I have claimed as my portion. During my thanksgiving that proceeded the prayer session in my ministry, our Lord ministered to me concerning my funds in oversea to invest it in your ministry, orphanage homes, Schools and I related with the Elders of my ministry and Pastors of my Church to direct me, after all. Already all arrangements have been concluded with the Bank in oversea for the direct payment of the funds $10 million us dollars to you. All you need do is to furnish my Lawyer with your full information Telephone & Fax numbers for easy communications in order to appropriate the document with the Bank. After my Lawyer receive the above mentioned, he shall forward you the contacts of the Bank which you will use to contact the Bank and tell them how you want to receive the fund I am sending to you.

I thank God for his Grace upon my life and for making me to know our Lord Jesus Christ, Glory be to God. Be informed that this fund is strictly for the work of God and other investment that will Glorify God.

For further details contact my Lawyer on this address: [email protected]

or [email protected]

Remain Blessed

Deacon Daniel.

Wow, Nigerian spam, fundie stylin'! I really couldn’t believe my eyes ! Obviously you wouldn’t want to respond to this, but I had to post it since it was such a funny example of fundies and how people can suck them in.

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