Training days…

Well, it’s 7:04am, and I’m awake. Training for service coach starts at 9am, and I’ve been awake for an hour or so - hooray for being a crazy insomniac *sigh* I guess I’m excited - I’ve wanted to be something more than just a call center agent for a while, having a bigger part to play in the running of a company, and helping people where I can. It means a lot more responsibility, and dealing with a lot of escalated issues, but I’ve already been doing the correspondence side of things, and the escalated calls - that’s just more people yelling, and more telling them that yes, you did sign that contract, and no, we can’t do anything about it.

If there’s one thing that I can pass on to people in the world - read everything that you handle. Be it a contract, a novel, a note from your partner - read everything, and if there’s information that’s implied, don’t let it be - ask for more information. It’s a complex world, and there are some strange people in it - sometimes they are out to get you, but sometimes they just aren’t as smart as they could be - look after yourself.