I’m now a service coach!

Well, I work in a call center - Orange Mobile customer care. I’m one of those people you yell at when you’re having a bad day, and you can’t accept the fact that sometimes, a mobile phone doesn’t work. They are terribly made little pieces of plastic, and you expect them to work perfectly all the time, and it’s never your fault - or your responsibility - when they break. So now I’ve been in the position of “agent” for a while - being the monkey on the phone - I’m moving up to “service coach” which allows me to talk to the A-grade annoying customers with problems that they won’t accept can be fixed by the mere mortals that are the agents. Service coach is basically supervisor - doing the hard things, making sure the rules are followed etc. It’s a little bit of a payrise, and it’s a lot more responsibility, but it’ll be worth it, and I’ve already been basically doing it for a while now 🙂