Finally the new server!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I finally got myself my own server. The one that I was on was truly slow and well, nothing good can be said about that. I was getting it for free, but the issues we were having with it weren’t even worth the trouble (a friend was paying for it, and it died twice in six months, hdd failure it seems).

So I’m on my own server now (dedicated box, Pentium4 2.4, 512 ram, 80gb hdd) which is nice. It’s a lot faster and more responsive than the old machine, and I’m hopefully going to be able to host a few sites on here with little or no troubles. I’ve already got Ricetek, Rexy’s and Lozza‘s site on here so far. If you’re looking for hosting, just send me an email to yaleman at this domain - it’s super cheap, and I try to help people out with coding and other issue solutions all the time!

#Linux #severs #system administration