2016-07-24 Week in Review

A big week! Tuesday was pay day and with it the final payment on my car! Three years in, I love it more than ever and we have travelled over fifty two thousand kilometers together. Paying it off frees up a large chunk of my budget, which will be a lovely change! Pokemon Go has been a interesting game to get into. I’ve only ever had a sideways glance at the universe, being too money-poor to own a GameBoy when I was younger, and time-poor since I have had the cash to play otherwise. [Read More]

2016-07-17 Week in Review

I finally watched Battle Royale on Monday night via Netflix after hearing so much about it for so long. It definitely lived up to expectations. Absurd, violent, poignant, and impossible in western cinema but perfectly produced by eastern. I loved it, for everything that it is. Just Cause, a story of Florida’s habit of treating black people like shit, and its long-term effects. A stellar cast including Sean Connery playing an amazing role as the out-of-town lawyer while Laurence Fishburne defends “his” town from the outsider. [Read More]

2016-07-10 Week in Review

Thursday night I received the statement of Attainment for my Category M (Miscellaneous: Crossbows) license! Now the countdown begins, I put my application in as soon as I could, but Qld Weapons Licensing are notoriously slow. Friday morning they called me to confirm that my paperwork had been received and that I needed to supply something else (that I already knew about). It was nice to see they were fast on that, and that they could confirm everything else seemed OK. [Read More]


Over time I’ve somehow ended up with three different disgustingly cheap portable drills which the batteries inevitably died in. Rather than spend a couple of hundred bucks on a new setup that will be incompatible with next year’s batteries, I decided to repack one of the existing battery packs. Nickel-Cadmium batteries are icky, and I wanted the option to be able to use the batteries in other things, so I decided that I would buy some Lithium Ion batteries. [Read More]

2016-07-03 Week in Review

I had a fantastic day on Saturday with nine fellow SCA members at the SSAA Belmont doing our Category M (and for the others, their A/B) safety course. This course will allow me to apply for my Crossbow license and start working towards doing some re-enactment of being a period-appropriate Arbalist :D It was a great day, Warwick from QLDFT is a very engaging and knowledgeable teacher, and we all learnt a lot. [Read More]

Lifeline bookfest, or how I bought too many books

I’ve been to the Lifeline Bookfest before, but never walked out with so many books. Turning up on the last day, I didn’t really expect much left, but there were still giant crates of books not on display! I’m not sure what they’ll do with them… maybe compost? :S I looked around for a park near BCEC for a while, then gave up and parked underneath. Normally I’d park under the State Library, which is a couple of blocks away and cheaper having a flat rate for entry. [Read More]

2016-06-26 Week in Review

Another week of sickness, most annoyingly. I’m on the mend now, but it’s been a quiet one. I went to see two movies this week, Finding Dory and The Wilderpeople. Finding Dory is the tug-the-heartstrings-until-they-tear sequel to the hilarious and similarly emotional Finding Nemo. Pixar’s storytelling and hidden-adult humour skills go from strength to strength, and it’s another great example of their work. I’d highly recommend going to see it :) Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a fantastic example of what makes Kiwi humour great. [Read More]

2016-06-19 Week in Review

This week’s been quite quiet, since I’m suffering from a sinus infection, bleh. Today I spent a few hours replacing the ropes on the poles for my tent, finally getting most of that task done. The only thing left is to make some heavy aglets for the ends of the ropes and replace/glue on the tail caps on the poles. RMB’s ropes need to be done as well, hoping to get that done tomorrow, another day off sick. [Read More]

2016-06-12 Week in Review

Tuesday was the Azure Discovery day at Microsoft’s offices in the CBD. I probably should have read the full briefing on what it was, expecting a technical coverage of new features and a rundown on some inner workings, but it was more a management/marketing run through of every little thing they do, which I could have discovered via the website. The presenter seemed to be a niche product engineer who didn’t quite have the overarching knowledge everyone expected, and there were many management types asking newbie questions which would have been covered if they’d have waited ten minutes.. [Read More]

2016-05-29 Week in Review

I Attended AusCERT. Much longer write-up in the link. Stayed in the Mantra Circle on Caville. An interesting twin-towers residential facility, we had a three bedroom apartment on the 36th floor. Lovely facility, great room, full kitchen etc. Pity about the lack of provided internet connectivity - maybe in another ten years, given the NBN timing? The wiring for the TV was horrible, and this was after I’d cleaned it up a little to get my own HDMI cable in :) My Bosch GMR1 palm router arrived, the first step in building my 3D CNC Router. [Read More]