F5 APM with IPV6 Network ACLs

I ran into an issue while configuring an F5 SSLVPN for IPV6 last night, and googling it didn’t return anything of use.. so here we are again! This is for the IPV6 LAN Address Space option, under Client Settings in the Network Settings tab under… don’t hold your breath… Access ›› Connectivity / VPN : Network Access (VPN) : Network Access Lists : (yourprofile) I know they’re complex, but the configuration’s getting hilariously convoluted to find sometimes. [Read More]

Blocking WordPress password resets

Had an issue with people attempting password resets against one of my wordpress instances, when it’s something I’ll literally never require. Since it’s running on Apache, I decided to use mod_security to implement, blocking and alerting with ease. SecRule REQUEST_FILENAME "wp-login.php" "id:'400002',chain,deny,log,msg:'Password reset form attempt'" SecRule ARGS:action "@contains lostpassword" This is really simple, and nukes the ability for people to reset the password - and easy to remove if someone does have to do it :) [Read More]


Noun As in the opposite of benefit. Because using drawbacks is bad; similarly ‘pros’ and ‘cons’. Donated by Justin [Read More]


Verb To precisely understand something, one would assume? Don’t misunderestimate me, sir! Donated by Harvey [Read More]


Verb The act of having a conversation, in the future tense. We will conversate about this later Donated by Justin [Read More]


Adjective If you’re planful you’ve made a plan? Maybe? We should be more planful about this in future. Donated by Justin [Read More]


Verb To put something into production, when you know you’re doing something truly lacking in smart. Found in the notes of a Change Advisory Board meeting, of course! [Read More]


Adjective To be not at fault for something really stupid. Typically used by people out of their depth trying to save their careers. Donated by Justin [Read More]

Sea day

Today was, as the title says, a sea day. We spent the day on a Turkish boat, cruising for a short time around Kaleüçağız. Yep, take notes, there’ll be a test on that one later. It’s a beautiful seaside village with a rather large marina full of tourist and traveller boats. On the way, we were treated to a spectacular view of Kaş from a lookout a few stories above it. [Read More]