Unifi APs lbd exit code 256 repeatedly

Original thread on the unifi forums lbd exited with code 256 and restarted by inittab, 141,020 times one one AP in 48 hours This process has crashed more than a few times lately… Model UAP-AC-IW, firmware Version The common response from @UI-Glenn was “disable band steering” - which I had done. Any chance of an actual fix soon? I logged a support case for this, which led to me upgrading the firmware on the Unifi controller (self hosted, on a Ubuntu 20. [Read More]

Norton Lifelock Purchase Scam Email

Here’s a scam email, just so you can find it if you’re searching for it. From: some random @gmail.com address. Subject: “Payment processed successfully” Source: gmail DKIM pass, so a hacked account. Payment ID : 947GR924DR815 Payment Due Date : Oct 25, 2021 Norton Dear Customer , Thank you for subscribing our services again and renewing your annual subscription. As part of your automatic payment, your account has been charged with $419. [Read More]

SQLite Syntax Error Near ON

If you get a weird error like sqlite prepare error -> SqliteFailure(Error { code: Unknown, extended_code: 1 }, Some("near \"ON\": syntax error")) or syntax error near ON While trying to use UPSERT ... ON CONFLICT(yyyy)… It could because you’re running Ubuntu Bionic or another similarly old version - your SQLite version’s before 3.24.0 From the SQLite documentation for ON CONFLICT: The phrase “ON CONFLICT” is also part of UPSERT, which is an extension to INSERT added in version 3. [Read More]

Console Screen Blanking on MacBook Pro Running Ubuntu

I’m running an old i7 2012-ish Macbook as a docker host since it still works and it’s pretty capable for the job. The screen kept staying on while just sitting at the text login screen, which was a bit of a worry for the lifetime of the LCD. I have finally figured out how to fix it! Woo! 🎉🥳🎉 Edit /etc/defaults/grub and update the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT entry to have the following two entries: [Read More]

Brother MFD PKCS#12 file is too large

While trying to update the HTTPS/TLS certificate on my Brother MFD, I got the following error: The size of PKCS#12 file is too large. I’m using a Let’s Encrypt-generated certificate and had packaged the full chain. The fix I found was to just use the end cert. I generated it using this command, on a box where I generate my cert for this printer with certbot: sudo openssl pkcs12 -export -out ~/brother. [Read More]

Kanidm LDAP Auth Source for SimpleSAMLphp

This is an example /config/authsources.php when using Kanidm’s LDAP connector to provide user details and authentication. The user needs to be posix-enabled and members of a posix-enabled group saml_admins will be marked as Administrators in SimpleSAMLphp. <?php $KANIDM_HOSTNAME = 'ldaps://kanidm.example.com'; $KANIDM_SEARCHBASE = 'dc=kanidm,dc=example,dc=com'; $KANIDM_LDAP_PORT = 636; $config = [ // admin creds, user needs to be part of the posix-enabled group "saml_admins" 'admin' => [ // The default is to use core:AdminPassword, but it can be replaced with any authentication source. [Read More]

mkdocs and Python Libraries

Documentation for libraries is handy. Automatically generating most of it from source code is even more handy. Here’s a quick how-to on setting up mkdocs with the mkdocstrings plugin to automagically build docs for your project. mkdocs.yml This goes in the root directory of your project. It sets various things like the Name of the site, theme etc. site_name: aussiebb theme: name: "material" plugins: - search: - mkdocstrings: default_handler: python handlers: python: rendering: show_source: true watch: - "aussiebb/" nav: - "Home": README. [Read More]

NBN and Physics, or Why My Internet Is Slow

As an Australian, I’m afflicted with two things: Living in a deadly paradise full of Drop Bears, Hoop Snakes and Cassowaries. Only one of these is fake. Terrible internet, crippled by the ridiculous decisions of multiple corrupt governments. They installed “Fibre to the Node”, or VDSL. The technology that New Zealand had had for decades and nobody in their right mind would deploy these days. Second-generation systems (VDSL2; ITU-T G. [Read More]

Cisco Switch S_sn and S_tc in Logs

If you see things like this: [[email protected] s_sn="306" s_tc="330"]: Aug 23 22:15:22.268: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by yaleman on vty0 ( In your Cisco Switch logs, it’s because you’ve got the config entry: logging message-counter log Ew. conf t no logging message-counter log end write mem [Read More]